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International students’ trip to Barnard Castle Market – 18th October 2023

18 Oct 2023

By Pablo S I, based on input from the rest of the class.

On Wednesday 18 October, we went to Barnard Castle market to support our learning of English. The purpose of the trip was to talk to the local people in real life situations.

The market is situated in the center of Barnard Castle and offers local produce. There were stalls that sold food, others sold clothes and even shoes. We talked to the sellers and they told us that everything is fresh. The sellers were very nice. Some products were expensive but others were cheap. I think that the market was very well located so many people could go.

On the trip we also learned the history of the town and the history of the school. In class we were studying the topic of food, so it was a very good idea to go to the market and it is interesting to learn what a market looks like in a small town.

I think that this trip helped me understand what a market was like and I realized that it is very fun and different than going to a supermarket. I think that this trip should be repeated with other students so that they have the opportunity to learn something new.