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World-renowned psychologist visits Barney

27 Sep 2023

Barney Sixth Formers have been looking into the minds of violent offenders after being given an insight into the origins of evil by an eminent American professor.

President of the Academy of Experimental Criminology, and one of the founders of the new field of neuro-criminology, Professor Adrian Raine, spoke about his work at the University of Pennsylvania to students yesterday.

Psychology and biology students were able to attend his talk in which he highlighted his work in US prisons. He spoke about the anatomy of violence and whether killers were born murderers or became that way.

Mr Sinar, Head of Psychology, said: “He really is a leading authority on the subject, has made many documentaries and written books, even securing a film rights deal.

“Professor Raine went to the US to do his research and has done a lot of work in prisons and has looked at what makes a killer and what we can do as a society to help prevent murders.

“It was a great opportunity for the students, who study his various theories, to see how their learning can be applied to real life.”