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Industry Day 2023

23 Jun 2023

Barney’s Lower Sixth were given a taste of industry after being challenged to design a new chocolate bar today.

During our 13th annual event, students worked with business mentors from around the region in a day-long test of their acumen.

They were tasked with coming up with a chocolate product complete with a multi-media marketing campaign comprising print, video, radio, and social media content, which they presented to a panel of judges Dragons Den-style.

Products ranged from sustainable, environmentally friendly chocolate bars to sports performance orientated treats and confectionary aimed at helping a vulnerable workforce.

Nine teams pitted their wits in a practical activity designed to hone their business skills and boost their networking abilities.

The top prize was taken by Molten Bliss, a gluten free, gooey delight of melted chocolate extravagance.

Team member Daniel Newell said: “It’s a good feeling winning the trophy which was a brilliant team effort. I think we have learnt a great deal today that will help us in coming years as we enter our chosen careers.”

Business teacher and event organiser Nick Connor said: “This well-established event is an invaluable way of tapping into students’ creativity and critical thinking skills with an added dose of healthy competition. Since industry day began in 2010, over 1,000 students have taken part in the day.

“We are incredibly grateful to the business mentors for sparing us the time to be involved in industry day. For the students, this day could lead to something important as they have made some useful contacts in regional industry and have developed their businesses skills.”