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Thank you for your continued support and engagement this Mental Health Awareness Week, Barney

19 May 2023

We have thoroughly enjoyed supporting and raising awareness of Mental Health Awareness Week across Prep and Senior School this week.

While it is important to acknowledge and champion such initiatives, at Barney, we do not just support pupils’ wellbeing and mental health for one week of the year; we do so each and every day through a robust pastoral care provision, supported by caring and compassionate staff.

However, this week has seen a spotlight shone on anxiety, especially during exam season and in young children taking the SATs.

As previously stated, Prep School does not require its Preppies in Year 6 to take these. Instead, we developing their crucial life skills by way of our bespoke Achievement Award.

You can listen to the Prep School Headmistress, Mrs Laura Turner, discuss the Award on BBC Radio here:

We look forward to continuing our support of the Mental Health Foundation and its Mental Health Awareness Week in the future.