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Barney recognises Stop Food Waste Day

26 Apr 2023

Today, we recognise the dedicated efforts of Barney’s catering staff and wider School community to minimise food waste as we celebrate Stop Food Waste Day.

Stop Food Waste Day is an international day of action in the fight against food waste, which is a serious and growing problem. Roughly one-third of the food produced globally is either lost or wasted every year.

One such initiative that has drastically reduced waste at Barney is Prep School’s ‘Clean Plate’ scheme, introduced at the start of this year, where Preppies are awarded points for finishing their meals each lunchtime and the House with the most earns a treat the following week!

In Senior School, students work in tangent with the catering staff when organising events, while the Food Committee has a say in meal choices and explores ways to reduce waste further.

Thank you for your continued support, Barney.