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British Science Week

15 Mar 2023

This week, we have enjoyed plenty of shared learning between Prep and Senior School pupils as we recognise British Science Week.

Mrs Gibson started off proceedings by showcasing her creative ‘Around the World in 80 critically endangered species’ world map, as pupils in Year 7 found out a bit more about what endangered species are and looking at some of the species and where in the world they are found.

Year 1 pupils certainly enjoyed their visit earlier in the week! They were also treated to a carousel of Biology-related exercises and learning, including looking at pond life through a microscope, as well as mealworms and stick insects.

Year 4 pupils equally enjoyed their visit to the laboratories today as they too conducted a series of experiments.

Correlating with the week’s theme of ‘connections’, students in Year 9 and 11 have been studying the brain and nervous system and ecosystems, respectively.

The Biology department rounded off its celebrations by launching a cross-curricular competition involving Latin, as students were challenged to develop their own species, with another activity tasking pupils with making connections between animals and their poo!

Lastly, Prep School’s weekly House Competition focused on Science, with Preppies having to build structures using only marshmallows, spaghetti and tooth picks!

Our thanks to all staff and volunteers from our Sixth Form for organising and engaging with this initiative, especially those who supported our Preppies’ learning when visiting Senior School.

We look forward to championing British Science Week again in the future.