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Prep School Teatime Concert

10 Mar 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday afternoon’s jam-packed Teatime Concert, featuring a breadth of performances from our aspiring musicians in Prep School.

For many of our Preppies it was their first time performing in front of an audience, and they all did themselves, our Music department and Barney proud!

It was especially heartening to see plenty of collective support from our pupils to one another, exemplifying Prep School’s The Barney Way beautifully.

Well done to all performers for their courage and exceptional performances in front of a full Atkinson Hall, and we are grateful to Mr Dawson and the wider Music department for organising such a wonderful event.

Thank you to everyone in attendance, and we are excited to host future concerts and welcome parents and friends of Barney again soon!

You can relive the Teatime Concert here by watching the video above.