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Prep School recognises Safer Internet Day

07 Feb 2023

Today, Prep School has been learning all about computing and digital, as Preppies observed Safer Internet Day.

Mrs Small delivered an assembly about the internet, including its benefits but also any potential dangers and risks for people to be aware of, especially children.

Over the course of the day during lessons, pupils were tasked to think about how they use and perceive the internet, exploring the things they love about using the internet or their favourite things to do online, issues when using the internet and how they think the internet should and will look in 10 years’ time.

Each class then produced a series of videos featuring Preppies about their discussions – well done to everyone for embracing the day and this very important initiative. To watch their findings, visit the video link above.

It has been a thought-provoking day of learning at Prep School, tying in perfectly with Wellbeing Week, and we look forward to championing this initiative again next year and beyond.