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Prep School celebrates National Storytelling Week 2023!

03 Feb 2023

Preppies have enjoyed a special week as children commemorated National Storytelling Week with a vast array of fun and enriching activities and workshops.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was on Wednesday, when we were fortunate enough to welcome renowned poet and international storyteller John Row to Prep School!

John visited each year group over the course of a fantastic day, delivering tailored workshops and inspiring the children with his storytelling.

Earlier in the week, Reception and Year 1 were treated to a ‘VIP’ visit when Mr Jackson joined them in the afternoon to share his favourite stories. Mrs Turner also spent time with Preppies in Years 2-6 over the course of the week to read to pupils in the comfort of their own reading areas in each classroom. Miss Heil also told the story of Hansel and Gretel in German, explaining to the children that many traditional tales originated in Germany.

Additionally, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, children participated in ‘Preppie Paired Reading’ where pupils of all ages were mixed to share moments of listening and talking through their favourite stories. 

Overall, it has been a successful, thought-provoking week at Prep School, and we are already excited to celebrate this wonderful initiative again next year!