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Prep School Languages Week (26-30 September)

03 Oct 2022

Last week, Preppies learnt all about the importance of language learning and why, at a young age, it is even more relevant today, as they celebrated Prep School Languages Week.

The children enjoyed finding out about the different countries where English is spoken, while appreciating that there are many others where other languages are spoken. They also took registration in a different language each morning and, during lunchtime, a pupil said grace each day in another language – see the video link below!

Pre-Prep collated photographs of their travels around the world and added them to our very own ‘Travel Map’.

Meanwhile, Year 3 learnt about the various traditions held by the tooth fairy in different countries, including how in Spain a little mouse (Raton Perez) collects teeth and leaves a gift or money.

Year 4 read stories in different languages and Years 5 & 6 capped off Preppies’ insightful week by learning Italian.

All in all, it was a successful initiative where Preppies challenged themselves and spent it outside of their comfort zones to learn the importance of languages.

We look forward to celebrating it again next year!