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‘Murder at the Hotel Crumhorn’

22 Jun 2022

Year 6’s end of term production of Murder at the Hotel Crumhorn was just SUPERB!

Preppies delivered two spectacular performances, despite very limited rehearsal time over the last few weeks, as part of their hectic schedule to close out the year!

Lasting just shy of an hour, the production saw all the horror story characters convene at the Hotel Crumhorn to elect a new President, along with a couple of hapless humans! One by one the characters are bumped off by an unknown perpetrator and it is up to Inspector Spigot and Sergeant Grimley to apprehend the villain!

We are grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it such a huge success.

Visit the Barney social media profiles to view photos of an incredible series of performances!

Bravo, Preppies!