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Mystery at Magpie Manor

25 May 2022

Well done to the Year 5 cast and staff, who produced such an AMAZING production of a Mystery at Magpie Manor!

Our Preppies worked tirelessly learning lines and rehearsing to put on a fantastic show for parents and guests over the last two evenings.

Set in the 1920s, Mystery at Magpie Manor is a hugely entertaining and energetic ‘whodunit’ play.

Magpie Manor is in a great state of disrepair and owners Lord and Lady Pica must act swiftly to save their run-down estate. They come up with a plan to sell off the family silver, but as the rich and famous guests arrive for an auction ball, strange things are occurring and when the family heirloom is unveiled, it has disappeared!

Fortunately, Agatha Christie, a guest, is on hand to solve the mystery and catch Inspector Spectre stealing the Pica Pica Solid Silver Pitcher with the Magpie Picture!

Visit the Barney social media channels for a full album of photos of Year 5’s wonderful performances.

Take a bow, Preppies!