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Exercise First Look – 22-24 April 2022

25 Apr 2022

Barney’s growing CCF enjoyed an unforgettable weekend as cadets relished the welcome return of the hugely popular Exercise First Look.

The aim of the weekend is to give cadets of all ages first-hand experience of living in the field for 48 hours and, despite the cold weather and lack of sleep, the cadets showed plenty of determination and enthusiasm throughout.

Cadets in Year 9 and 10 enjoyed learning how to cook in the field, build a basha, ‘cam up’, patrol and move tactically, as well as more technical skills such as locating the enemy, winning the firefight and knowing how to react to both direct and indirect fire threat.

Meanwhile, our senior cadets enjoyed more specialist lessons, including model making, writing and delivering a set of battle orders, performing section attacks and setting up both deliberate and snap ambushes.

Instructors from Durham ACF and Wolsingham School CCF were very impressed with each and everyone of the 32 cadets this weekend and had nothing but praise for them all.

Congratulations to Lance Corporal Sylvan T and Cadet Ellie J, who were named Best Senior and Junior Cadet, respectively!