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‘A Frozen World’ Theme Day!

22 Feb 2022

Today, Preppies have enjoyed a fun-filled day as Prep School ‘played host’ to the Winter Olympics!

Each year group was assigned a nation, for which they dressed appropriately, and they carried out a series of Olympics-related activities, sporting events and much, much more, all while keeping with the Olympic spirit and learning about their key values, such as teamwork and friendship.

To start off proceedings, Preppies were treated to an ‘Opening Ceremony’ courtesy of Mr Woodward, who spoke to the children about his experiences of when he had the honour of holding the Olympic torch during the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as coaching hundreds of athletes, including and Olympian.

After such a positive start to the day, each class completed several tasks and produced excellent pieces of artwork related to their nation, before an afternoon of further excitement!

Preppies put their music skills to the test as they learnt a new song, the anthem for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Their final tasks of the day consisted of a carousel of activities ranging from learning how to bobsleigh, building their own small ones and playing Hockey and Curling, but with boules!  

At the ’Closing Ceremony’, Preppies proudly displayed the work they had completed over the course of the day in the Atkinson Hall, concluding a wonderfully enriching day!

Our thanks to everyone who organised and supported today’s amazing spectacle!