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Well done to our aspiring mathematicians!

07 Dec 2021

The Barney Maths departments has enjoyed a busy, yet enriching, few weeks, as pupils have competed in challenges and been on trips.

Well done to all recent recipients of UK Mathematics Trust Senior Mathematical Challenge certificates!

Meanwhile, last Wednesday, 21 of the top mathematicians students in Year 10 travelled to Newcastle University to attend the Year 10 Maths Conference organised by its School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics.

They heard diverse talks from research staff entitled: “Make waves as tall as skyscrapers using mathematics and a pinch of salt”; The Unintentionally Useful Consequences of Playing Games with Maths” and “Solving real-world problems with mathematics” (including how Brentford FC are using statistics to help them in the Premier League).

Perhaps the most inspiring message from the visit was the encouragement to persevere with Maths post-GCSE as it opens many doors and indeed the presenters spoke about the international opportunities that are available when you combine your interests with a passion for mathematics.