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Well done, Year 6!

11 May 2021

Yesterday, our Year 6 bubble completed a series of tasks and learnt several new skills as part their Prep School Achievement Award studies.

Our ‘mini medic’ Preppies spent the day being taught how to call for help, perform CPR, what to do in the event of choking and how to deal with blood loss.

In addition to Prep School’s annual mini medic session, they spent time at Forest School learning how to cook a variety of meals using a campfire, among other key survival skills.

The outdoor aspect of the training coincided with Mental Health Awareness Week, with ‘Nature’ being the theme of the week.

These life skill initiatives form part of the Prep School Achievement Award, which Year 6 pupils experience as an alternative to SATs. The Achievement Award is something unique to Prep School, which has been developed over the last decade and, unlike SATs, the programme lasts all year-round and is entirely relevant to Preppies’ future lives.