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Masks4Kenya – Well done, Barney!

16 Mar 2021

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank members of our community for their continued support of the Masks4Kenya campaign, including the many student-led initiatives that have helped raise vital funds for this amazing cause.

From Ice Bucket and fitness challenges to ‘climbing’ Mount Kenya, ‘keepy uppies’ and countless other initiatives, our pupils smashed their initial fundraising target.

Hoping to raise £2,000 by the end of the Lent term, we are delighted to report that, so far, nearly £6,000 has been donated – a fantastic effort by all concerned!

For further information about Masks4Kenya, visit:

We have also produced a short video featuring footage from the various student-led fundraisers, as well as content from Kipsaina, Kenya of those who have benefited from your support and kind contributions.

This is available to watch on all the Barney social media profiles.

As ever, thank you, Barney.