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Barney ABA profile series – India

18 Nov 2020

Name: India

Year Group: 13

A fun fact about me: I am a 100m/200m sprinter

Why I became a Barney Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA): I became a Barney ABA to help spread the importance of diminishing bullying in school and to ensure everyone’s experience at school is a happy and safe one. School should be somewhere they love to be.

Why I believe Anti-Bullying Week is an important initiative and should be championed: Anti-Bullying Week is an important initiative as schools should be inclusive to all. It is important for pupils to feel they can express themselves without the fear of being picked on or bullied just because they may be seen to be slightly different to others. The work of the ABA across different schools participating in the Diana Awards has made a huge difference and had a significant impact on many people’s lives.