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Barney ABA profile series – Emelia

17 Nov 2020

Name: Emelia

Year Group: 13

A fun fact about me: I have been at school since reception

Why I became a Barney Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA): To create a kinder environment within the school, where people find it cool to be kind.

Why I believe Anti-Bullying Week is an important initiative and should be championed: I think it is so important to encourage individuals to be confident enough to speak up when someone has said something wrong. Mental health is the most prevalent illness amongst young people, so if we, as a school, can encourage pupils from reception to Sixth Form to be kind and make an environment where we all feel safe, then we have done a good job. Ultimately, the world could be full of people who stand up to bullying and that’s what we hope to embody in our small community.