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Prep School’s action-packed week!

10 Oct 2020
Preppies enjoying a run on ‘Move-It Monday’!

Last week (5th-9th October 2020), Prep School enjoyed five, fun-filled days of activities and learning, with a different theme for each day!

From ‘Move-It Monday’ all the way through to ‘Friendship Friday’, our Preppies had a great time! Here’s what they got up to:

On ‘Move-It Monday’ everyone took part in physical activities and tried new things and hobbies.

On ‘Teamwork Tuesday’, the Houses worked together to create something special, learning new skills and making new friends!

On ‘We Like to Help Wednesday’, our Preppies enjoyed fine dining at the French Café in aid of the School’s charity of the year, ‘Mary’s Meals’, raising more than £350 for this fantastic charity!

On ‘Thoughtful Thursday’, everyone took time out for mindfulness activities.

And last, but certainly not least, on ‘Friendship Friday’, the children created friendship chains to display in the classrooms.

In case you missed it, visit our School’s social media profiles where you’ll find a short video featuring Wednesday’s French Café!