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Sixth Form Common Room Committee AGM

18 Sep 2020
Outgoing SFCR Committee President, Rob

The Sixth Form Common Room (SFCR) Committee held its AGM today (18th September 2020), as all outgoing members reviewed their ‘time in office’ in what has been an extraordinary year.

Despite the disruptions to the 2019/2020 school year, the SFCR Committee members talked about how they overcame adversity – in true Barney fashion – to ensure the Committee still had a voice.

It was through members’ creativity and perseverance that they were able to host online-based events and forums during the lockdown period, which included an Arts-themed event that formed part of Barney’s Virtual Festival of Music, as well as weekly Teams conference calls involving all members.

Each member encouraged their Year 12 peers to put themselves forward for positions on the Committee, explaining the benefits of becoming a member, such as how it can enhance CVs and Personal Statements as well as boost interpersonal and soft skills.

The SFCR Committee comprises 11 members, each with a dedicated responsibility:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Steering Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Academic Officer
  • Arts Officer
  • Charity Officer
  • Environment Officer
  • Food Officer
  • Social Officer
  • Sports Officer

Year 12 students will now have the opportunity to produce their manifestos and put their cases forward ahead of the election hustings on Friday 2nd October 2020.  

Well done to all outgoing members for your exemplary service on the SFCR Committee, even more so given the unprecedented year we have all experienced and the impact this has had on your tenures.

Best wishes and good luck to all those students putting their names forward for the 2020/2021 SFCR Committee!