Meet our Old Barnardians |

Richard Parkinson

16 Sep 2016

Richard Parkinson grew up in County Durham and after Barney studied Egyptology as an undergraduate at The Queen’s College Oxford. He stayed on to do a doctorate and as a junior research fellow, leaving to become a curator in the Egyptian department at the British Museum for 23 years, where projects included the display of the Rosetta Stone and the Nebamun wall-paintings. He was appointed to the Professorship of Egyptology at Oxford in 2013. Richard now teaches a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses, centrally  in the Griffith Institute and the Ashmolean Museum, in Oxford. His main interest is Ancient Egyptian poetry of the classic age (1940–1640 BC). As well studying papyri, he enjoys the experience of attempting an integrated reading of these ancient texts, thinking about their emotional and intellectual impact on their (ancient and modern) audiences. From this, Richard has published on LGBT world history, which he says is probably his book that has had the widest impact.
Lecture (dedicated to AW):