York House

Welcome to York House.

It is an absolute honour and privilege for me to be the new Housemaster of York House and I look forward to being welcomed into the family.

My relationship with boarding harks back to the age of 12 when I joined a house of 80 boys. I progressed through my school career as a weekly boarder and was proud to achieve the title of ‘Head of House’ in U6th. My formative years in boarding have no doubt made me the person I am today!

Ever since then I have been heavily involved in Pastoral care in schools alongside my teaching and performing Music. This has varied from being a GAP student in a boarding house to the challenges as a safeguarding lead in a top independent Prep and Senior School.

As a musician I am clearly passionate about promoting the arts, but have many passions, experiences and skills outside of this. I can regularly be found wild camping in the mountains, tackling a tricky climbing route or with my head in a good book. I am a keen Rugby fan and pride myself on my ‘Nigel Owens like’ approach with a whistle.

I am a huge advocate of championing pupils and celebrating success and failure in whatever form that is for the individual. Every young person deserves to become the best version of themselves and a boarding environment absolutely facilitates this.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your son in the coming months and welcome you to get in touch at any time with questions.

My door is always open, the coffee machine on, and my dog is a great non-judgemental listener!

Mr Matthew Gooch
York Housemaster