Caroline Shovlin

22 May 2018

I spent my early years in Lancashire and my teenage years in the North East.  I studied Sociology at Staffordshire University and then went on to study for a Postgraduate Diploma and MA in Informational and Library Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Young people have a thirst for knowledge and are eager to learn, as librarian, I enjoy guiding them to find the information they need. I am also Assistant Housemistress and Sixth Form tutor in Bowes House and have been since its creation.  It is a pleasure to care and help develop the girls from when they arrive in Year 7 until they depart at the end of their Upper Sixth year.

Indeed it is my need to care coupled with my instinct to provide information that has meant that the delivery of careers information, advice, guidance and support is something I feel passionate about.

I particularly enjoy encouraging students to recognise their strengths, build on their skills and follow their ambitions.