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Sixth Form Mentoring

14 Feb 2019

The Sixth Form Academic Mentoring scheme provides support to our younger students with their studies, from help with a challenging piece of prep to extra weekly reading practice. However, the mentors and mentees get much more out of it than this, with the younger child benefiting from a role model to look up to and the sixth former gaining the satisfaction of helping a younger student make progress.

Please contact Mrs Gibbons for more information on becoming a mentor or enquiring about being paired with a sixth former.

Being a Mentor
Mentoring is a fantastic opportunity for members of the Sixth Form and Years 7 and 8 as it encourages the building of relationships across year groups. Sessions take place in a calm and friendly environment, allowing both parties to learn from each other. Mentors help to improve the confidence of younger students by helping them with prep, typing, and by prompting questions or making suggestions. By creating a relaxed, positive environment, we aim to enable students to explore ideas and ultimately complete work independently. I really look forward to these support sessions as I know everyone gains something, whether it’s improved skills, increased confidence or simply friendship secure in the knowledge that someone is listening and understands. In addition, I have also picked up some things along the way, from stories of Ancient Greece to how to make a paper hat!

Verity, Year 12, Marwood House

Why I enjoy having a mentor
I have been lucky to work with 3 different mentors this year. They help me in lots of different ways. First of all, they help me in difficult prep like Physics. Also, they help me in becoming more independent by helping me improve my reading and spelling. I look up to the mentors. Verity is a hard worker, she doesn’t rush work and she is always on time. Liam shows me how to be a part of york house. They make me think I might like to be a sixth former too.

Shiv, Year 7, North House