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The Worry and the Sadness – Peer Supporters

17 Nov 2018

The worry and the sadness

Can submerge the world, a cloud

Of hopelessness and despair,

But then the sun’s rays, beaming

Remind me someone is always there.

This short poem highlights the aim of Barney’s Peer Support service. A group of Upper and Lower Sixth students are trained to listen to any issues students may have, in all aspects of their life, from exam stress to difficulties at home. This is just another section of the network of support available across the school, spreading compassion and friendship between every year. With Anti-bullying Week drawing to a close, the Peer Support service accentuate the message that respect is always deserved, and you are never alone.

Jade Ullyart speaks to the Sixth form, reminding them that Barney’s Peer Support Service is there for them, as well as the younger members of Senior School, whenever they need it. A listening ear can help so much. We also signed up new recruits from the lower 6th. They will begin the training programme in the coming fortnight.