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Chief of Security in the Office of the President of Kenya visits Barney

16 Nov 2018

Religious Studies A-level students enjoyed talks from Esther Ndagala, Chief of Security in the Office of the President of Kenya. Some of us already knew Esther following our school building mission there in the summer where we planted trees together. She spoke to us about the religious conflicts that have taken place in Nairobi and more rural parts of Kenya, particularly between Muslims and Christians but also tribal groups. We heard also about the great difficulty in dealing with some cultural practices not acceptable in the modern world such as forced marriage and the treatment of girls. As we are exploring the impact of multiculturalism and religious pluralism this was so relevant for us. In the lesson that followed we turned our thoughts back to the diversity of faiths in Britain today and to the benefits and challenges of religious freedom and expression enshrined in our laws. We were very grateful to Esther for talking to us and taking our questions.