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1918 Prep School

05 Nov 2018

Prep School children have gone back to 1918 to celebrate life in the war and celebrations once armistice was declared.  This has been a three-week project for the children which has kept in line with all their learning with a themed twist.  Today has seen the children dress up as soldiers, nurses, suffragettes and historical characters, a fabulous effort and all have embraced a house semaphore challenge, a trench stew lunch outside on the fields and a host of fantastic memorable activities. #bepartofit

Weeping Window of Westwick
Children of Prep School have been recycling plastic bottles and turning them into poppies.  A whole school art project with over 4000 poppies having been made.  The children assembled them before they were then hung up outside of one of the windows of Westwick Lodge at Prep School.  A very moving piece of artwork that has been re-created following on from the Year 6 visit to London.

We Shall Remember
200 Tommy soldiers have been painted in Prep School from our youngest children in Reception painting and adding poppy thumb prints,  all the way through to Year 6 with more intricate details including WW1 poems written by all our Year 6 children and projected onto the Tommy’s. Each soldier tells a different story and is associated with one of our fallen OB’s. A very moving display which has really transformed our driveway.