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Terrific Toys!

24 Oct 2018

Year 1 had a wonderful day at the Bowes Museum learning about toys. After a quick walk from school, we arrived at the Museum. We met Anne who led us to the education room and introduced us to peg dolls. The children looked at lots of different examples including one made from the leg of an old table! Then the children were allowed to create their own peg dolls and enjoyed getting creative. They made lions, angels, dogs and even a robber! After a delicious packed lunch, we went to the Toy Gallery and looked at a range of old toys. The children enjoyed learning about what old toys were made from and the clothing that they wore in comparison to modern day toys. The children particularly enjoyed looking at the different teddy bears and discussing their features. A real highlight was when the children were given time to play with different types of toys, including kaleidoscopes, spinning tops, clockwork toys and even Russian Dolls. Finally, the children enjoyed watching the much loved famous silver swan perform. It was a brilliant finale to a super day at the Bowes Museum.