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Lectern Club Dinner

23 Oct 2018

With many Upper Sixth returning for a second time, and Lower Sixth waiting to experience the renowned evening, this year’s first Lectern Club evening was anticipated eagerly. Its eloquent speeches, delicious meal, and vibrant decorations meant it certainly met, and even exceeded, expectations. Starting with a quirky grace from Father Darren, the evening continued to showcase the talented, passionate speakers and their thoughts on the theme ‘Did you know?’ The speeches were all original and personal, ranging from Jamie’s effortless humour in his speech about his personal idol, to the heart-warming speech on the power of smiling from Verity Fullerton-Smith.

Incredibly high standards meant that it was impossible to choose a singular winner for the short speeches, and so two people were awarded first place. New to the Sixth Form and the school, Martha Davis debuted with her speech ‘Sad Times’. Full of empathy and wisdom, she emphasised the sorrow felt by animals as well as humans. Presenting more than just facts, she brought her own compassionate aspect to the evening’s theme. Head Boy Tomas Valdivia-Arayna captivated his peers with his speech ‘Sabias’, about the importance of memories for our future development. Intertwining knowledge from his home country, Chile, and speaking partially in Spanish, his words were powerful and evoked much emotion.

After the delicious main of our three-course meal which was prepared to perfection by the Kitchen Staff, the Long speeches competition began. Also making her first lectern club appearance, Esia Forsyth won first prize for with her enthralling speech entitled ‘Humanity and Validation’. She spoke passionately about our tendency as people to seek approval, connecting instantly with the audience and relating to them personally. Jade Ullyart came second with her uplifting speech ‘Did you know artificial intelligence will take over humans?’ Beginning by exposing all flat earth theorists, she went on to defy the title of her speech with intelligence and subtle charisma. With admiring comments from some of the new teachers that attended, and huge amounts of success and support, the evening was one to be remembered. Special thanks go to Mrs Beaty, who contributed continually to the organisation of the evening; to the kitchen staff who treated us to such as lovely meal and to the speakers, all of whom never failed to delight.