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Year 8 Trip to Bradford Grand Mosque

15 Oct 2018

Year 8 enjoyed a unique experience of the Bradford Grand Mosque. A recently furbished Mosque with stunning features that the Year 8’s enjoyed capturing as part of their ‘Instamosque’ photography competition. The pupils were tasked with taking Instagram type beautiful photographs that captured the spirit of Islam. The certainly had a lot of beautiful things to choose from; from the stunning chandelier inscribed with Allah’s 99 beautiful names, the dome and Arabic on the walls.  Pupils enjoyed listening to the history of the Mosque from the helpful Bilali before enjoying snacks the Mosque provided. After lunch, pupils enjoyed a tour of the architecture and being curious about the Mosque features. They watched an educational video and had an inquisitive Question and Answer session with Bilali. One of the most curious questions was how to Muslims know which direction Mecca is from space to perform their prayers! Pupils then had the privilege of watching the afternoon prayer. The pupils sat in silence listening to the beautiful and haunting call to prayer, watching Muslims coming early to the Mosque and performing their Wudu (wash) before their prayer. The pupils then watched mesmerized as the Muslims performed their afternoon prayers as a community shoulder to shoulder before wishing each other peace at the end. The pupils had an informative and enjoyable time and I can’t wait to see the Instamosque competition entries!