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RAF Cadets Air Experience Flying

18 Sep 2018

As being part of the CCF, the RAF section are provided with many fantastic opportunities to gain further experience and skills such as flying and navigation. Our recent trip to RAF Leeming was another great opportunity to fly in a Grob Tutor aircraft with the school RAF section cadets. I and seven other students had flights that morning lasting about twenty-five minutes each. That day we were lucky enough to be able to watch the Special Forces practice parachute drops onto the airfield. Whilst we waited for our flight slots, we had the privilege of seeing an Apache helicopter, a Hercules and the infamous Hawks which are currently based at Leeming. After careful coordination with Leeming’s air traffic control team, I was up in the sky alongside an RAF pilot. The weather conditions were perfect for flying leading to some spectacular views as we headed towards the Yorkshire Dales. It was an amazing feeling to take control of the aircraft myself, an experience I and the rest of the cadets will never forget.

Robert Harris (Year 11)