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From Shire to Fire

17 Sep 2018

The heady combination of a setting sun, a warm campfire, and fifty Year 7s made for a wonderful Hobbit-themed evening last Friday. To celebrate Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthdays, as well as the new release of Tolkien’s final and previously unfinished novel ‘The Fall of Gondolin’, the Year 7s, accompanied by the English Department and some Sixth Form Team Leaders, undertook a journey through a hugely competitive Fire Quiz, wrote amazingly passionate Fire Poetry, and to close the evening’s festivities, produced impressive Hobbit-themed Performance Poetry. Helped by oozing toasted marshmallows, the sweetie concept that is reportedly 4000 years old (a quiz question answer), our creative Year 7s brought Bilbo, Gandalf and Smaug to life in their noteworthy imaginative poetry. Well done Year 7s; a remarkable lyrical celebration of literary fire, dragons and hobbits! The Shire really did glow from the fire…