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School Council Elections

14 Sep 2018

As the bell rang for lunch break, everyone was buzzing, eagerly waiting to vote for their year representatives. Pounding down the hall were the footsteps of children running to Central Hall. As they entered, there were tables upon tables and behind them were Sixth Formers. On the tables were sheets of paper with around 8 names of students, both boys and girls, with a dream of joining the School Council. Students were keen to get a say on the matter. After ticking the 2 names, they were sent off to be counted.

After 5 days of anticipation, the results were in. In the Headmaster’s Assembly on Monday morning, the 16 lucky students’ names were read out. During Thursday lunch break, the first meeting was held, in which was discussed the topics for the year and new ideas to be put forward.

Reporters: Olivia Preston (Year 8) and Scarlet Sinclair (Year 8)