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All Our Futures Conference

14 Jun 2018

On Monday the 11th of June, a team of five Lower Sixth went to a conference to discuss how education might shape our future. The guest speakers inspired us to write our own manifesto for an education fit for the 21st century. It was an eye opening and inspirational day and we would like to thank the Headmaster at Bootham School for hosting us.

A highlight of the day was Rohit Talwar. It was a challenging start for a sleepy Monday as conversations on the future of artificial intelligence and their effect on the workplace racked our brains. The idea that in as little as 15 years there could be a program designed to complete almost every job was both terrifying and exciting. Rohit presented further questions on AI rights and the protection of human purpose in a world where everything could be done for us.

Nik Gowing spoke about future shocks on the world stage and how future leaders will need to “think the unthinkable” due to the dynamic and unpredictable world we live in. He said that positive leaders have to be flexible and prepared to adapt to changes and the most unexpected scenarios, because the biggest issues of recent time where only seen as impossible until they occur.

Jules Evans spoke about mental illness and how he overcame his issues using a technique called CBT. Jules has since gone on to become a philosopher and the author of “The Art of Losing Control”. His inspirational message was about how we can teach future generations to be happy and true to themselves by going back to works by the Greek Philosophers.

The conference made it clear that we live in a world, which is constantly changing. Innovation and improvements in technology are now inevitable. In order to create a better world, education must be based on positive values, morals and encourage the citizens of the world to make the right decision with the tools that they are given. It is not technology itself, but the how we will use it that will make the difference.

Jasmine, L6th (co-authors: Chloe, Tomas, Matthew and Daisy)