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Year 5 & 6 French Trip

16 Mar 2018

With Prep School disappearing into the distance we departed on the stroke of midnight for northern France. After an all too brief sleep on the bus, we awoke to the sight if the channel tunnel early Friday morning. With regulatory obligations behind us, we shot underneath the English channel, enjoying our breakfast in an entirely empty carriage!

Upon arriving in the picturesque coastal town of Hardelot we visited an incredible biscuit factory. The processes and machinery involved were fascinating but nothing captured the pupil’s attention like a selection of free samples! I certainly think one or two parents can expect a really nice surprise come Monday night!

Complete with a good few crumbs we boarded the bus once more for a brief trip to the amazing Nausicaa. Lunch by the sea was followed by a well deserved (and much needed) stretching of legs on the beach.

The pupils were fascinated by the incredibly rich array of marine life on display and the fragility of our relationship with them, the seals were a particular favourite (as was the shop!) As I write this we are en routé to Criel sur mer and Chateau de Chantereine where the children will continue their French adventure in the coming days. We will, of course, keep you all up to date via Facebook!

Mr Ayres

Year 5 & 6 French Trip

Day 2

Day two of our French adventure began with a continental breakfast and making our own delicious packed lunches. A quick hop over to Dieppe and we were ready to explore the ancient Viking port. The pupils enjoyed an interesting tour and dug deep in freezing coastal conditions (gloves and woolly hats were the must have items on the market this year!). They revelled in the chance to dress their teachers from the various stalls!

After lunch on the bus we travelled across to Rouen where the pupils were wowed by the breathtaking architecture, they were captivated by the life of Joan of Arc and the role Rouen played in her story.

Mouthwatering crepes and the compulsory trip to the sweet shop were definite winners as the snow fell. Tonight we look forward to a mini Olympics and another memorable day tomorrow.

Day 3

Sunday provided a moving and humbling reminder of the horrors and futility of war as we toured the Canadian memorial at Vimy. This incredible monument stands as a testament to the sacrifices and bravery of those who fought there. Conditions were challenging but only a fraction of what the soldiers must have had to face day after day. A minutes silence was impeccably observed.

Such a powerful image helped to focus our pupils on the role they can play in shaping the future and the lessons they must learn from the past.

We then visited Wellington quarry in Arras, at one stage an underground home to 24,000 commonwealth soldiers. Again pupils were able to experience some of what life must have been like prior to going in to battle.

As we head back to the chateau our thoughts turn to home. But not before we get to dine on frogs legs and snails ahead of our scrapheap challenge tonight. Parents are reminded that we will phone them an hour prior to our arrival at big school, stay tuned to Facebook for further updates.