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Confidence and Communication Skills Dinner Party

02 Mar 2018

Fifteen students in the Lower Sixth have just completed the Confidence and Communication Skills Course delivered by Belinda Alexander. The aim of the course is to help students be more confident in speaking to people they are meeting for the first time or when speaking in front of an audience; it also helps you to understand what employers are looking for with regard to first impressions and critical skills. We practised interview technique and were asked some challenging questions, as well as put on the spot to give mini-presentations in front of our peers. Throughout the course, we learnt how to enter a room and greet one another in the correct manner, as well as how to keep “small talk” with someone. The whole course was rounded off with a dinner party on Monday night where we greeted distinguished local guests from the moment they walked into the building and entertained them over drinks and canapés which then continued over dinner. I know all who took part would like to thank Belinda for her expert delivery and guidance. I thought the course was a great opportunity to help you find your voice and would recommend it to future Sixth Formers.

Writtend by Claire, Year 12