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House Singing 2018

16 Feb 2018

House singing is arguably the most entertaining event of the year and the students always manage to pull off a great show; consisting of props, instruments and smiles. It is nerve-racking and surprisingly flustering on stage, but somehow all the houses manage to survive the 3 minutes of embarrassment nevertheless. Some houses, it would be fair to say, are slightly more enthusiastic about the event. None more so than Bowes and Marwood house who came joint first for the Seniors, due to their beaming smiles throughout their performance and Marwood coming out on top for the Juniors. The part song performances each had their unique qualities, from bold musical arrangements to the exciting performance of North house, which was a waterpark of a show! Well done to all houses and HSMs involved; it was a great night.

Written by Louis Jerrom, Lower Sixth.

Junior House Singing

Senior House Singing – Parts

Senior House Singing – Unison