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恭喜发财! – “Kung Hei Fat Choy!” Chinese New Year at Barney

12 Feb 2018

味美量足的中国美食让今年的庆祝更加特殊,不少人尝试用筷子吃饭,其乐融融。安排工作十分紧张,在此特别感谢Ronald和Celina同学提供的帮助。在接下来的一个星期里,我们会陆续给大家介绍更多有关中国新年的知识。最后,我谨代表所有在校中国学生祝所有老师及同学新年快乐。 -王嘉源 (Year 13, Head of Northumberland House)

“Kung Hei Fat Choy!”- On Friday 9th February, 18 of our Chinese international students along with over 70 guests celebrated this Chinese New Year- the year of dog- in the finely decorated Central Hall and Dining Hall. With the room bathed in red, traditional music played through the evening while the calligraphy challenge and quiz let everyone experience a little of the Chinese culture as tables competed for prizes. Mr. Pepper’s table along with Mr. McTurk’s table ended up combined winners of the night, who were rewarded with traditional red pocket money.
The delicious food made the Chinese New Year Dinner 2018 in Barnard Castle School extra special and many attempted to eat with chopsticks. The night required lots of planning from all of the Chinese students involved but special thanks must go to Ronald and Celina for the help they have given me. There are Chinese new year presentations to look forward to this week to help us all understand a little bit more about the celebration. Finally, we would all like to wish everyone in the school a happy Chinese New Year. – David Wang, Year 13, Head of Northumberland House.