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Durham Evensong with Cundall Manor School

07 Feb 2018

On Monday 5th February Cundall Manor School, Barnard Castle Prep School and Barnard Castle School came together to form a choir of over 70 singers.

Cundall Manor and Barnard Castle Prep School arrived at 10.30am and spent the day with Mr Simon Dearsley (Director of Music at Barney) and Philippa Dearsley (Voice Teacher at Barney) who encouraged them to enjoy every moment of their singing whilst doing workshops to develop their sound. The Senior School Chapel Choir joined them after a stunning lunch in the Dining Hall, to give the full sound of a complete Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass Choir. This assembled choir then went to Durham Cathedral, where at 4 o’clock (with the considerable help from the Vergers) 70 singers were seated in the Choir Stalls. It was hard for any singer to concentrate as singing in the Cathedral is simply an unbelievable experience: the sheer size and the powerful sound of the Cathedral Organ under the expert fingers of Dr R Harrison, left everyone in awe. This vast choir processed in and sang from the heart to give a truly inspiring sound. The choir sang Stanford’s ‘Evening Service in C’, Wood’s ‘O Thou the Central Orb’, Psalm 28 to two chants by Hopkins and the Smith ‘Preces and Responses’. Mr Dearsley would like to thank Mrs Sarah Reece and Mr Vincent Cunningham for preparing the choir of Cundall Manor so professionally.