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Sixth Form Stories

30 Jan 2018

Name: Miki
Year: 13
House: Dale
Biggest Barney achievement: Being able to perform music for people.

Despite last week being blanketed under a layer of snow, it has still been one of the busiest for a while. Coming out from a week of mock exams, I was greeted the next day by a beautiful snow day, which unfortunately meant we couldn’t make it to Aysgarth for a string concert. However, Friday night hosted a variety of performances at the Open Mic Evening, where members of the Sixth Form had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The event gave me an excuse to break out my playing cards and perform some tricks for everyone, from reassembling a shredded card to finding a card in a coke can. The evening really showed me the spirit of Barney’s Sixth Form, with students banding together and enjoying a sing-along. After such an enjoyable night, I was up early the next morning to go to Newcastle High School for Girls to compete in their annual Latin Quiz. Although it felt like every day brought new challenges, I have loved each and every one; I’m next looking forward to Lectern Club, under the topic “Love at first sight”!

Photo credits: Nathan Barker