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Arts in the African Hall

30 Nov 2017

Tuesday saw the eagerly awaited African Arts Evening, a show created and presented by our Year 3 children. They gave four terrifically energetic dance performances, with some impressive rhythm and co-ordination running through the group. The children had made traditional Kenyan food which they offered to the audience, before returning to the stage for ‘Jambo’, a singing and drumming piece. The poetry recitals and information presentations were confident and clear and the children were so proud to have all their own poems, their Geography ‘scrapbooks’ and their beautiful artwork on display around the Hall. The children’s smiles were a noticeable feature, and it was lovely to see this self-assurance, enthusiasm and joy really shine through. We were delighted to see a great number of family and friends come to support this event, and would like to congratulate the children again on a superb evening of entertainment!