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Lectern Club

11 Oct 2017

With the season of spook just around the corner, last week’s Lectern club saw a twist on the theme of ‘Trick or Treat.’ A wonderful night, filled with laughter, scares, ghouls and ghosts, the deserving winner of the Short Speech was Tamara Ullyart, whose captivating words, gave the audience a first-hand experience of falling into traps whilst on holiday. Michael Liu’s winning speech encouraged dinner debates surrounding people who try to decipher the reality behind magic tricks.  A special mention must go to Maddy Forsyth and Anna Everall for coming in second place with their speech about beauty.  As always, the kitchen staff came up trumps, providing a spectacular menu and finally, a big thank you must go to the Lectern committee for organising such an entertaining night.

Written by Ceara Sutton-Jones