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Prep School’s Year 6 London Trip

10 Oct 2017

Day 4 – Friday 13th October

And so our epic adventure comes to a close. We finished our odyssey with a captivating tour of Westminster Abbey and nearly a millennium of history. The children were impeccably well behaved as they all soaked up knowledge like a sponge. Our visit to Downing Street provided the pupils with a privileged opportunity to see democracy in action and bag the obligatory selfie in front of the most famous front door in the world. We completed our trip with an informative and fact-filled tour of the National Gallery, including a talk on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, an opportunity not wasted on the children lucky enough to take part. We have all learned so much this week, from History and Geography to Science and, of course, Maths. But more importantly, we have learned about what it means to be British and what it means to be a Preppie; the names and dates will be remembered as will the shared memories we created and the experiences we all had.

Day 3 – Thursday 12th October

Today has been a real mix of old and new, starting at The Tower of London, where we learned all about its many uses over the years, including a zoo and a vegetable patch! The pupils were all wowed by the grace and beauty of the Crown Jewels and the ceremony of the changing of the guards. After a well-earned lunch, we visited the Churchill War Rooms to find out all about how the war was won from beneath the streets of London. A really interesting and informative part of the trip. Moving into modern times and beyond the pupils were absolutely blown away by everything the Science Museum had to offer (including the legendary shop!). We explored the museum’s many floors in our groups, looking for clues and answers to Mr Langley’s electricity trail. Another trip to Pizza Hut beckons before we take in the spectacle of Roald Dahl’s Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre tonight.

Day 2 – Wednesday 11th October

I write this from the doors of the London Eye 4D experience with 38 unbelievably excited children, ready to experience a flight they’ll never forget. We have had a fantastic morning at The Globe and, as we always do, had superb guides for our tour and workshop. The children really brought Macbeth to life and gained a new insight into the characters. Our tour of HMS Belfast was really good and helped the children better understand what life in WW2 would been have like. Their experience of conflict was brought into even greater focus during our time at the Imperial War Museum where the children immersed themselves in all aspects of WWI. I am sure they will be more than ready for Pizza Hut after the London Eye!

Day 1 – Tuesday 10th October

As you read this, we will have just left the magical surroundings of the Warner Bros. Studio tour, taking with us a cauldron of memories. The children were full of anticipation on our journey down and, after a quick stop for lunch, were amazed by their first sight of the backdrop used for Harry Potter. From there they only became more and more blown away by what they saw, as every prop brought the pages of the books and the imagery of the films to life. The final room, filled with a 1/16th scale of Hogwarts, took everyone’s breath away, as did the cave of wonders that was the gift shop! The children set to work snapping up everything Harry Potter and Gryffindor related, whilst managing to save a bit for the rest of the trip! We will soon arrive at the hotel where we are looking forward to settling in, having an evening meal and a chat about what to expect tomorrow.

Please keep checking our Facebook page for many more updates on our incredible trip to the capital.