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Annual Heads of School Conference

06 Oct 2017

Amidst enthusiastic preparations for university applications, on 5th of October, the Heads of School, Day and Boarding, took a road trip down to Wellington College, to attend the annual Heads of School Conference. After a six hour journey, filled with ‘classic’ tunes (courtesy of Head of Sixth Form, Mr. Cresswell), we all attended an inspiring series of talks, discussions and debates about leadership, with over 120 other head pupils from all over the country. The inspirational day, during which invaluable advice was given, alongside newly formed friendships, left Rohan, Alex, Leyla and me feeling excited and prepared to share the valuable skills we learnt with the senior monitor team back at Barney. This opportunity to discover different school cultures was interesting and we thank Wellington College for hosting such a noteworthy event.

Written by Ceara Sutton-Jones