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Sporting Future

07 Sep 2017

Barnard Castle School’s sports department are embracing the latest technology used by the professional athletes.  Our Head of Performance Sport, Andy Woodward, has spearheaded the use of PlayerTek’s GPS monitoring system.  The tracking device sends data back to a computer, including information on how fast they’re running, their average run time, the sprint speed and so on. This, coupled with some sporting analysis, can better develop training programmes and boost player/athlete performance.

“With the use of GPS units in its infancy, it is clear that the data produced, which is very detailed, can help both coaches and athletes, whilst also giving easily usable figures in a user-friendly game/session overview screen. The added benefit of the units is that there are opportunities for cross-curricular activity in Physics and Maths in particular and also give opportunities for those pupils interested in statistical analysis.” – Andy Woodward.