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CCF Summer Camp

07 Jul 2017

It was certainly a week where all weather types were demonstrated, where you could get trench foot, hyperthermia and sun stroke all in the same day, but despite this, the cadets remained upbeat throughout the duration of this year’s CCF camp. The sayings ‘if it ain’t raining, it ain’t training’ and ‘skin is waterproof’ were well used throughout the week.

Once acclimatised to Wathgill Training Camp, near Catterick, the 37 cadets settled into their accommodation and were ready for a week of training. This ranged from six section battle drills to something the cadets had never done before, urban patrolling and learning how to gain entry to a house and then carrying out room to room clearance.

All cadets were a pleasure to take away for the week and were certainly a credit to the contingent.