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pictures from barnard castle school pictures from barnard castle school

Sixth Form

We see the Sixth Form at Barnard Castle School very much as the bridge between school and the adult world. Whilst students have a personal tutor to help them manage their busy lives at the school, and whilst they receive expert advice on university choice and other matters relating to life after school, they are also encouraged to become increasingly independent in all they do. We also strongly urge all our Sixth Form students to take advantage of the unique opportunities available at the school for them to develop vital leadership, teamwork and communication skills. We know that evidence of such skills will stand them in good stead when it comes to applying to universities and to employers.

In many ways the Sixth Form should be the most enjoyable years of a pupil’s time at school, and we try to do all we can to make these two years worthwhile and memorable. One of the most pleasing features of the school is how our leavers meet up every Christmas Eve to share news, and we hope that many will stay friends for life.

Sibling success

Sibling success

Fantastic results all round

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