Headmaster’s Message

Not all schools are the same. As Headmaster, and also a father, I am often reminded of what is important to me, to other parents and to children. Barney, as we affectionately call Barnard Castle School, has stunning grounds, historic buildings, many cutting edge facilities and a range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities that are without parallel in the area. But what visitors repeatedly remark upon are the relationships that define our children’s educational journeys. The quality of those unpretentious relationships between children, teachers and parents is second to none. Moreover, when children feel supported, cared for and recognised for who they are – put simply, when they are happy – then they can achieve great things, routinely pushing beyond their comfort zone and enjoying the process.

Each of our children may take a slightly different route on their educational journey, but our aim remains constant for all: to lead fulfilled and happy lives. Although we prepare children for some the most demanding universities in this country and overseas every year, we also celebrate the fact that for some a C grade is a triumph, not a travesty. At Barney our diversity of backgrounds, strengths, characters and passions adds richness to a community which is bound by our ethos: a pervasive spirit of endeavour, compassion and enjoyment.

If you are considering investing in your child’s future, why not come and feel that special sense of purpose, support and happiness that is Barnard Castle? A warm welcome awaits.

Mr A D Stevens