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Prep School Policy

To download or view a policy in pdf format, click on the link below.

Policies for Prep School

Prep School Anti Bullying Policy (93Kb)

Prep School Behaviour (Rewards and Sanctions) Policy (78Kb)

Prep School child that has not been collected or has missed the bus procedure (31Kb)

Prep School Complaints Policy (55Kb)

Prep School Contact between Home and School Policy (42Kb)

Prep School Curriculum Policy (127Kb)

Prep School Equal Opportunities Policy (37Kb)

Prep School Leave of Absence for Pupils Policy (35Kb)

Whole School Admissions Policy (224Kb)

Whole School Boarding Principles and Practice (222Kb)

Child Protection Policy 2013 (119Kb)

Whole School Health and Safety Policy (252Kb)

Whole School Learning Support Policy (222Kb)